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Activities Of This Ministry:

We meet children in 56 villages and adult in 9 camps in 6 places once in a weak through this mission from 2009. Christmas programs are celebrated in all these places once in a year. Vocation Bible School (VBS) is conducted for children once a year and even prizes are awarded. we distribute tracts in places where Jesus in unheard. We conduct special youth camp gathering all the youngsters in missionary places on oct 2 every year. Young people commit themselves to Christ through this camp and few commit for the work of spreading gospel. Children are encouraged by giving pen, notebook, jamentry box when we meet them in their villages. Jebikkum Pillai magazine is published for goodness of their parents. We have even published over internet(this website). Go through it and get the blessing of god.

Children's Ministry:

Using the past time and fulltime workers of Life Redemption Mission, we teach songs, Bible lessons, stories through which they are being shared the love of god in 56 villages every week. Consequently they have a very good progress in their studies. People are redeemed and blessed in the children's family.

Vocation Bible School (VBS):

During vocation 5 days Vocation Bible School is conducted for every year in all the missionary places. Teacher?s are specially trained for it but also the part time and full time workers participate get trained and do God?s work. In Vocation Bible School children are given note, pen, color pencil, batch and sweet is given at the final day of the program. There are even prayer cells after this.

Youth Ministry:

Having the vision to make youngsters as disciples, we work among college students, schools, cities and villages. We lead them into prayer and Bible reading not only that, some how or the other they are put into the work or spreading Gospel as part time or full time Evangelists.

Women's Prayer Cell:

Having understand the problems and state of spiritual life in all the families we go often, meeting which is specially conducted for the revival of them in 6 placed from 2009. There are so many woman's led towards Christ. Preaching Gospel to remote villages: Based on this planning, the workers of Christ go to villages and share the love of Jesus having been forced by the word "who would I send" -Isaiah 6:8. People are met and have accepted Christ. Youngsters, elders who are happened to know about this Ministry, commit themselves into this ministry. There is no proper road facility in many of the villages, where are have to walk for three, four kilometers and do ministry. Many persons are touched by the word of god in those villages. In few places opposition is show but we continue preaching Jesus in villages where there is no opposition.